inspired from deborah hay's teaching
here is a collection of what if for my dance practice

-what if life is the question, and I am the answer.

-what if gravity is the love from the earth?

-what if all my cells know where down is?

-what if you can reflects and act at the same time?

-what if past, present and future merge into a continuous presence? (gertrude stein)

-what if you can function as a individual and a member of a group at the same time? (richard bull)

-what if you can be making dance and the dance can be making itself through you both at the same time? (susan leigh foster)

-what if we replace ambition with curiosity? (nancy stark smith)

-what if we turn power into empower?

some of my favorite what if from deborah hay:

-What if what I know is what I don't know, and what I don't know is what I know?

-What if the question “What if where I am is what I need?” is not about what I need but an opportunity to remember the question “What if where I am is what I need?”?

-What if dance is how I practice my relationship with my whole body at once in relationship to the space where I am dancing in relationship to each passing moment in relationship to my audience? What if the depth of this question is on the surface?

-What if my choice to surrender the pattern, and it is just a pattern, of facing a single direction or fixing on a singularly coherent idea, feeling, or object when I am dancing is a way of remembering to see where I am in order to surrender where I am?

-What if how I see while I am dancing is a means by which movement arises without looking for it?