Eva Karczag inspired me to think about the importance of establishing a daily practice, not only one, but many many practices.

It's not only for dancers, but also for daily living, what's the aim, what's to include, how to find time and discipline, this is a page of my collection of different practices and it's continuously growing.

André Bernard once said these practices are not about get all at once but a process of deepening, it takes a life time to unfold layer by layer, advanced level is about doing exactly the same thing over and over, but in a different depth.

I am also amazed how simple these practices are, as Buddha discovered, it's some very basic things we experience in daily life, standing, sitting, lying down, walking and the transition in between.

Standing: Zhàn Zhuāng 站桩 and Small Dance

Proper Relaxation: Constructive Rest and Yogic Śavasana

Sitting: Zazen, Sitting Meditation